Patient Testimonials

"We loved visiting your office, the staff is wonderful. You did everything possible to make each visit a positive experience! We appreciated the warm welcome we received at each visit, the prompt treatment, the gentle and friendly manner that Dr. Patel uses with patients and the ease of scheduling our next visit. Thank you for running such a great office!" -Stacey W.

"THANK YOU!! You've done a terrific job. Lindsey's teeth look great! Wonderful office, very thorough care. We will continue to refer, we always have!" -CF

"Dr. Patel and staff are so pleasant-you all feel like family! We looked forward to our appointments!" -Lisa C.

"The staff was always very cheerful and helpful. Also, very flexible with appointments scheduled. I am very pleased with my daughter’s results and would recommend their office." -Lisa M.

"Thank you for the excellent care that you have given Jordan over the years. Braces are off today - we are so exited!" -Terry R.

"Coming to Dr. Patel already bonded, we felt that the service the office provided us was great." -PC

"Both my daughters have beautiful teeth! Thank you for your flexibility." –NJ

“The best part is the results. I was really pleased with how straight my teeth were, how natural they looked.”-Belinda, SureSmile Patient

“My SureSmile experience was better than what other orthodontists were offering.  SureSmile was less pain, less time. SureSmile was the best way to go.”-Dalton, SureSmile Patient

“I would recommend it to all kids who just want to have their braces on for as short as possible.” -Nataly, SureSmile Patient